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2.Xbox 360 Slim modding service with X360KEY DRIVE EMULATOR
3.Modded Xbox 360 slim RGH 250GB with JTAG RESET GLITCH HACK
4.New PS3 Modding and Playstation 3 Modding with Custom Firmware Ver. 4.50 + DOWNGRADE

PSP Slim & Light Modding Service

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PSP SLIM & LITE Modding Service with Custom Firmware Ver. 5.00 M33 installation + Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB

Price (inclusive of VAT): 50,00 €  Article: RCB8967   Availability: In stock   Delivery: within 2 Days

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2 years guarantee! With the PSP SLIM & Light modding and Modification with firmware downgrade and custom firmware installation, we will transform your PSP consol into an advanced universal multimedia system and enable it no only to reproduce original games and backup games (copied), but also to use “Uncertified” software, among which in particular:

- Dashboard (operating system) alternative;
- Custom Firmware;
- Media Center (reproduce DVD, Video Cd, DivX besides MP3 or AVI);
- DivX, Xvid, WMA Players;
- Various emulators;
- FTP and File manager programs;
- Web browser for Internet navigation;
- Games and programs in standard PAL and NTSC;
- Various utilities

The PSP Universal Modification lies in the firmware downgrade procedure to version 1.50, the only one able to execute non certified (third-party) applications and/or backup games or those copied from a memory stick.

Once the firmware downgrade to version 1.50 is complete, the custom firmware is installed. It is a hybrid firmware that unites the potential of firmware 1.50 with the new multimedia functions and games implemented in the latest firmware.

With the PSP Universal Modification with firmware downgrade and custom firmware installation you will be able to use on your PSP, besides original games and programs, also backup and copied games and third party programs, such as for example:

Audio/video elaboration and conversion instruments
Operating systems and alternative dashboards
Developmental software programs for PSP
Game and console emulators
Various text reader elaborators
File manager and FTP programs
Browser per network and Internet navigation

You will also be able to copy all games directly to a memory stick and play directly, without having to use the support UMD every time.

Attention! The PSP Universal Modification with firmware downgrade and custom firmware installation can at this time only be done on consoles containing Sony firmware version no higher than 3.50.

The order of the PSP Universal Modification with firmware downgrade and custom firmware installation can be done directly online, adding this product to your shopping cart, or by contacting us directly at 055 290300 or 055 2608760 during office hours.

Once the order is complete, you will receive an email containing the instructions for packing your console and the date and order the delivery service will pick it up.

Once completed the online order and having received the NIO (Order Identification Number), the console will have to be sent to the following address:

Via Cavour, 68
50129 Florence

Bearing in mind always to indicate on the shipment box or inside your NIO (Order Identification Number)

If you prefer we can send our express courier to collect the console directly at your home! Just selects as shipment modality ' express courier with console collection at home (24 hour delivery, total cost 16,00 Euro included VAT)

Once completed the order you will receive in any case an Email containing the instructions for the packing of the console and the date and time of the carrier collection.

Our offer for the PSP modification is for sure the most complete on the market!

With a modified PSP we offer you the possibility to use copied games or backup copies of games, besides taking advantage of the original games.

Requesting Recoverybios the PSP modification is simple and convenient!

ATTENTION! With the modification the official guarantee of the making company decays immediately. With the modification we offer a 2 year guarantee on the modification. The modification is realized with the only purpose to use software programs or backup copies of software freely usable or really owned, according to the current law dispositions. We do not take any responsibility for improper use that may come from the modification, as the use of software or games for which we don’t own the original copy.

Do you want to send us your PSP for the modification? Click here to know how to do it.

Technical description

- PSP SLIM & LIGHT modification with Downgrade to the Ver. 1.50;
- Custom Firmware installation;
- Possibility of using games and programs in standard PAL and NTSC;
- Careful operation testing;
- Guarantee satisfied or refunded;
- 2 year guarantee against all the faults of working or manufacturing faults of the modification;
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